35 - Non buzz embouchure
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35. Non buzz embouchure

35.13 Orbi Pull (Bibi)©

Orbi Pull (Bibi)©.


The Orbi Pull is a tool to test and to train the force of the circular mouth
muscle: the Orbicularis oris muscle (and the surrounding muscles the Orbicularis oris muscle is hanged on and connected with). This muscle system is often too weakin daily use like in swallowing, chewing, speaking,
whistling, facial expression, singing , playing wind instruments.

Physiology of the Orbicularis oris muscle system:

Brains don’t ‘think’ in single muscle action but in patterns of movement.
The Orbicularis oris muscle never works alone but always in a neuro-
physiological combination with the other 51 face- and embouchure
muscles. Look at the pictures of these muscles. Three brain nerves take care of their innervation : N.Facialis, N.Trigeminus and N.Vagus.

To test the function of the Orbicularis oris muscle system a tool has been constructed derived from the oval/ soother like synthetic – non flexible
Bibi Dental Lip Plate (Sootherlike inside your mouth totally) which
you have to fix between your teeth and the lips (Orbicularis oris muscle ). This Non- flexibility is crucial for a reliable test result. We removed the teat.

To measure the muscle force quantitatively, an electronic pull cord installation
has been constructed and fixed to the soother. We call this fixation
cord the Force Cord, this cord is connected by means of a traction
with an electronic display. On this digital display one can verify how strong the Orbicularis.Oris muscle system is.

The oval/soother lipplate is placed behind the upper and under lip inside the mouth (in front of the incisors). The plate should be fixed in the space between the incisors and the Orbicularis oris muscle (lips).The Force Cord goes in a straight angle from the plate forward and is pulled with one hand gradually by the observer or her- or himself .
The maximal muscle force of the Orbicularis.oris muscle system can be measured if the plate cannot be held anymore in position behind the lips.
The pressing of both lips on each other is a position of the Orbicularis oris muscle as in brass- and wood instruments playing. The force of the Orbicularis oris muscle is expressed in Newtons.

Look at the illustrations
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Technical information of the mouth plate
The Swiss Company Bibi© donated the Mouth plate, based on the the Swiss Dental Soother via the Dutch C.E.O. Paul Lindenkamp.
You can order the Orbi Pull Soother via Paul.


Beyond investigation, research and diagnostics the ORBI PULL can be used for therapy. A program of exercises can be practised for strengthening the weaker parts of the Orbicularis oris muscle system.

We used some exercise ideas from Prof.Dr. David Garliner USA/
of his orofacial multifunctional training programs for children with orthodontic

The Future investigation and treatment evaluation of various groups like:

- children with orthodontic problems and weak Orbicularis oris muscle functions.
- people with central or peripheral n. Facialis parese (e.g. a stroke).
- people with various kinds of dystonia in the oral area.
- woodwind players with weakened embouchure.
- brassplayers with weakened embouchure.
- people after surgery in the mouth , tooth and jaw area.

This program is easy to use for all groups under supervising of:

- Speech therapists
- Physical therapists/ orofacial therapists
- Dentists and assistant dentists
- Rehab. Doctors
- Vocal coaches
- Windinstrument coaches
- Singers and windplayers

Hans Boschma, Foundation Sailing Brass
M.D. Kees Hein Woldendorp, Revalidatie Friesland

R. Speelman - technician
W. Leidekker - Technician Revalidatie Friesland

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35.13 Orbi Pull (Bibi)©