29 - Pseudoradiculaire klachten
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29. Pseudoradiculaire klachten

29.6 Triggerpoints

Triggerpoints and musicians

Myofascial pain syndromes are the most appearing accumulation of complaints at musician. A myofascial pain syndrome of one muscle (look at the coloured areas) arises from trigger-point activity (X) in the muscle and/ or its associated fascia. Myofascial TPs (X) are among the most common, yet poorly-recognised and inadequately- managed , causes of musculo skeletal pain and other symptoms seen in medical practice (Travel 1976). Musician and dancers suffer often with this kind of not recognised syndroms. Other symptoms are decreasing of strenght , tiredness etc. Most important, the cause of pain can be located with sometimes deep pressing fingertips in a stretched muscle. After that the pain can easily usually be eliminated and full function restored.Myofascial syndromes are commonly overlooked because so few practioners recognise the specific referred-pain patterns of each muscle( coloured areas).
Therapeutic frustrations reigns when factors that perpetuate the TPs are overlooked, or left unsolved. Characteristically, one event activates the TPs and quite different factors perpetuate them.www.embouchure.nl chapter 29.

Textbook of Pain edited by Prof. Dr. Patrick D. Wall & Prof. Dr. Ronald Melzack.

Churchil Livingstone isbn 0 443 02715 3 chapter 2.A.7 Dr.D.G.Simons and Dr.J.G.Travell

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29.6 Triggerpoints